Detail/Abstract - nanosphoto
Sleeping Giant<br />
A former New Haven EMD FL-9 sits quietly on the grounds of the Connecticut Eastern Railroad Museum in Willimantic, CT as the crescent moon sets in the background.  This was taken during a test night shoot.  It was the first time I had used studio monolights to light a night scene - this was using two lights - one nearly face on, and the other broadside.  Traditionally we had used a portable Lumedyne flash, which was used to evenly light the scene.  This method enabled the use of shadows to add some depth, and preserve the night "feel"

Keeping the fires burning

2015 TRAINS Magazine Photo Contest SECOND PRIZE Winner
Valley Railroad Fireman Mike tosses a shovel-full of coal into the firebox of Mikado No. 3025 as the train pulls a North Pole Express. Taken with an black & white only and infrared modified Canon 30D.

Deep River